An architectural coffee table inspired by "Inception"

The architectural coffee table of the project of Cypriot designer Stelios Mousarris was inspired by the scenes from the film "Inception" by Chrostopher Nolan. High-quality wood combined with steel and 3D printing technology allowed to create a table in a limited series of table, which price is 4000 euros.

This small table with dimensions of 100 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm was inspired by the famous scene of "bending the city", which took place in "Inception". If you are looking for furniture that is both impressive and inspiring, and will impress all your guests, this is the "Wave City" table.

Cypriot designer Stelios Mousarrisa has experience in modeling, previously worked in the office of Fosters and Partners and Duffylondon, and since 2004 has its own company in Cyprus.

The coffee table is available in a light brown and elegant black version.

A larger version of this miniature city was also created. A comfortable dining table in addition to the miniature houses, blocks and skyscrapers located on the underside is additionally covered with a glass sheet.

The whole can be ordered on the author's website:

22/12/2017     Redakcja

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