Already 101 descriptions of the building

I added two new descriptions of the building. Together with these two, there are already 101 buildings on the site. On this occasion, a small statistic showing the most visited sites with buildings (statistics include data from the last 3 months):
1. Petronas Towers - 575 entries
2. Burj Al Arab - 520 entries
3. World Trade Center - 487 entries
99. Teotihuacan - 46 entries
24/08/2002     Wojciech Andruszkiewicz

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13 years ago
Sorry, but what is mariburjeka? Jane.
14 years ago
Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!
14 years ago
Hey! My name is Amy, this is great resourse, and is a pretty looking domain name :-) Want to say that you, guys from make a good work! Don't stop! hope to find interesting people here! And also I find a lot of useful information ))) Good buy all!
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