A new trend - combining neighboring apartments

Although the most popularly purchased apartments by Poles are studios and two-room apartments, there is a group of people who are looking for apartments with a larger area. It is mainly for them that the developers design the blocks so that you can easily connect neighboring apartments with each other.

Why combine apartments? Is it not better to buy a big apartment right away?
The demand for 100 square meters apartments is incomparably smaller than for small two-room apartments. The situation on the real estate market is obviously reflected in new housing projects. Large housing simply arises the least. Developers, however, offer customers a different solution - the purchase of two neighboring apartments, which can then be combined into one large apartment. This solution is convenient for both parties. The developer does not have to worry about the fact that a large flat will not find the owner, while the buyer gains a flat ready for change. What exactly do we mean? Let us assume that a young couple decides to buy flats. Initially, steam is enough for one of them, while the other can rent. If the family grows and the apartment is too crowded, just connect the apartments. The advantages of the solution do not end at this stage. When children are fired from their home nest, parents can re-rent a second home.

How to connect apartments in a block?
There are many options for combining apartments. Two neighboring apartments will create a spacious apartment. Two apartments vertically - a two-level flat that combines the advantages of a single-family home with an apartment in a block of flats. If you decide on any of these solutions, think well about the layout of the newly created space. It depends mainly on how comfortable you will live there. It is worth asking for an experienced architect.

Where to look for such apartments?
Many developers already at the design stage anticipate the possibility of combining apartments. This was the case of the currently existing in Krakow Czyżewskiego 1 estate . The investor directs the offer to young people who care about comfortable conditions and the proximity of the city (the estate is located in Łobzów). The apartments are designed to create a friendly, well-lit space after the connection.

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