A house on a desert island - one of the most isolated in the world

The house on the island of Elliðaey, Iceland, is one of the most isolated in the world. Rumors have been circulating for years about who it belongs to. Now you know who owns this lonely house lying on an island less than half a square kilometer.

The mentioned island is the third largest island belonging to the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago lying in the Atlantic, 9km south of Iceland. It is a paradise for loners, there are neither streets nor inhabited houses, there are no neighbors, no shops and the Internet, there is only one house and the surrounding nature.

Once, this tiny island was inhabited by 5 families who, apart from hunting for fish and cattle breeding, also dealt with puffin hunts, that is water birds. However, since 1930, it has not been permanently inhabited, mainly because of the large distance from civilization.

There are rumors that this house was given to Björk, a famous Icelandic singer. The truth is close, because the artist has a house on another island with the same name. Another rumor says that a very shy millionaire lived there.

In 1953, the Elliðaey Hunting Association set the only house on the island, as they say the best place for puffin fishing in the area.

Currently, the house serves as an accommodation for hunters hunting birds. Admittedly, the island itself can be visited by a boat, but the house is fenced and only members of the association and their friends have access to it. It also serves as a sauna after hunting. The house itself is not supplied with water or electricity, but the rainwater collection system allows you to enjoy the sauna in this wilderness.

After arriving to the island, you can still walk on a steep cliff by the shore and you can enjoy this lonely house on a deserted island.

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