A controversial skyscraper in central London

The tower is to be located in the city center in one of six London zones, where the mayor and the government decide about the construction of skyscrapers. The original building design was created in 2000 at Broadway Malyan. The circular tower with a stepped structure was to be a revolutionary and environmentally friendly building. The tower will be 167 apartments on 48 floors and with a special super-suite on the top floor. The building's body met with very strong criticism of organizations associating urban planners and architects. As a result, the project underwent a number of changes: its stepped structure was evened out, thanks to which the effect of the soaring was achieved, and the color of the outer walls of the tower was also changed.
A controversial skyscraper in central London
18/12/2008     Lukasz1404
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11 years ago
Nie bede komentował tego czegoś poniżej. Uważam że to dobry pomysł budynek pasował by do Londynu ale to również zależy od jego wysokości, ponieważ w miastach z niską zabudową nie pasują wysokie budynki.
12 years ago
a może by tak coś z galerią krakowską zrobić? dodać schodki...wieżyczki...i już by nie było "prostopadłościanu" w centrum krakowa ;p
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