Dresden, Germany

Zwinger Palace (Germany) - jewel of Dresden architecture

Where is located Zwinger?

Address of Zwinger is Theaterplatz 1, Ostra-Allee, Dresden, Germany
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When was built Zwinger?

Built date of Zwinger is 1709 - 1732


Facts, informations and history of Zwinger

The construction of this complex was commissioned in 1709 by the Polish King August Mocny. Zwinger Palace served the Saxon rulers only for the purposes of representation, there were parties and balls. In its interiors there were art collections, a library, a painting gallery, an armory, a collection of porcelain, a zoological museum and a mathematics and physics salon.

The design and construction was supervised by architect Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann and sculptor Baltazar Permoser, which lasted until 1728.

During the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) Zwinger's pavilions and galleries served as a Prussian warehouse.

During the revolution in 1849, the former entrance gate (currently the Pavilion of Playing Bells) burnt down, as well as the Porcelain Pavilion with an opera adjoining the palace. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Zwinger Reconstruction Society carried out a thorough renovation of the building, restoring it to its original condition as possible.

During World War II, as a result of a bombing bombardment, the complex was almost completely destroyed (like the church Frauenkirche ), but thanks to the preserved building plans and photographs, we managed to rebuild it.

Zwinger was built in the late baroque style, which was characterized by the desire to combine different materials and decorations into a homogeneous, holistic work and the dynamism of space and wall structure.

The complex consists of six pavilions connected by galleries. Currently, as part of the tour, the Gallery of Old Masters' Paintings is available (mainly Italian Renaissance paintings, Old German and Old Dutch paintings and works of Spanish and French 17th century artists), Porcelain Collections, which are considered the most valuable and the largest porcelain collections in the world and Mathematical Salon - Physical, where you can admire world-famous collections of historical clocks and scientific instruments.

It is also worth paying attention to the picturesque fountains complex - Łaźnia Nimf, which is one of the most beautiful baroque fountains in Europe. Most of the figures here (Neptune, Amphitrite, dolphins) came from the sculptor Balthasar Permoser.

The name "Zwinger" literally means the area between the outer and inner complexes of fortifications in which predators were kept.

The coronation gate is adorned with the Polish royal crown, which August Mocny had worn since 1697.

Architect of Zwinger

Architect of Zwinger is Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann, Baltazar Permoser

How many meters have Zwinger?

Height of Zwinger is 23.77 meters

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Construction/building type

Building Zwinger is of type Palace, Complex

Architectural style

Architectural style of Zwinger is Baroque

Baroque is one of the most important architectural styles that developed in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was characterised by grandeur, sumptuous detailing, symmetry and lighting effects. Below, I provide information on the precursors, key features and some well-known buildings in the Baroque style. ... czytaj więcej.

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Drezno to takie piękne miejsce i tak blisko Polski. W sam raz na jedno/dwudniowy wypad. Uwielbiam to miasto!!!
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