Wilanów Palace
Warsaw, Poland

Wilanów Palace (Warsaw) - a baroque palace and park complex of King Jan III Sobieski

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Stanisław Kostka Potocki st. 10 02-958 Warsaw, Poland

Date of build

1681 - 1696

  • Building types: Palace, Palace and park complex
  • Architectural styles: Baroque
  • Area: 4171,64 m² - the area of the palace and Markoniów
    24 ha - the area of gardens around the palace
  • Architect: Augustyn Wincenty Locci
Wilanów Palace description and facts:

The Wilanów Palace is part of a palace and park complex, which was founded by King Jan III Sobieski in the second half of the 17th century. The Baroque palace is one of the most beautiful monuments of Polish national culture. Some call the building "Little Versailles".

King Jan purchased the estate under the manor in 1677. Four years later, construction began, completed in 1696. Due to the growing importance of the king, it was decided to expand the building. For this purpose, eminent architects from Italy and France were invited. The mezzanines, towers & nbsp; and the middle floor were added. According to the plan, the palace perfectly glorified with King Jan III Sobieski.

Figures symbolizing the king's dignity and episodes of victorious battles were made on special request. Part of the palace decor was dedicated to the royal wife of Maria Kazimiera - Marysieńka. Statues of Greek goddesses reflected her wisdom, beauty and faithfulness.

After the death of the king, the palace became the property of his sons. At that time, the building was robbed of the whole interior design and all kinds of movables.

From 1720, the building became the seat of magnate families who added two side wings in 1723-1729. Side wings for the Wilanów residence were introduced by the architect Givanni Spazzi. In the following centuries, the famous architect Szymon Bogumił Zug designed free-standing buildings, ie a bathroom, kitchen and guardhouse.

At the beginning of the 19th century, one of the first museums in Poland was opened in the restored palace. Works of European and Oriental art and objects devoted to King Jan III and the past of the Polish nation were exhibited.

In subsequent years, the palace passed from hand to hand and until 1945 it was owned by the Branicki family. Then the building was confiscated by the state. After the plunder of the richest collection by the Nazis, the palace was restored in 1962 and reopened to the public.

Today you can visit royal apartments decorated in different styles. Collections of Polish and European portraits presenting the owners of the palace are particularly valuable. Amazing collections of ancient vases, slaughter, porcelain, jewelry and other objects are also amazing.

Wilanów Palace is considered one of the greatest tourist and cultural attractions in Warsaw. In 1994, the palace complex in Wilanów along with Morysin was considered a monument history.

Official website: https://www.wilanow-palac.pl

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Monika Słonka
Monika Słonka
4 years ago
Boski, cudowny, piękny, niesamowity, uroczy... mogłabym wymieniać długo...
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4 years ago
Jest piękny! Mieszkam w okolicy i pozdrawiam ludzi z Wilanowa :D
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