Watts Towers
Los Angeles, United States

Watts Towers in Los Angeles (USA) - 31 meter high towers with caps, ceramics and other unusual materials

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1765 East 107th Street, Los Angeles, California 90002, USA

Date of build

1921 - 1955

  • Building types: Monument, Tower
  • Architectural styles: Modern
  • Material: Steel, concrete, stone
  • Height: 31 m
    how many meters have Watts TowersScale
  • Architect: Simon Rodia Simon Rodia
Watts Towers description and facts:

Simon Rodia has been building his towers for 33 years alone, his house is surrounded by three tall and slender towers, a patio, a 38-foot tower called "Gazebo" , and another 28 feet high structure called "Ship of Marco Polo", including nine major structures.

The towers are made of stone, marble, steel and cement, as well as non-standard materials such as bottle caps, porcelain, broken glass or shells.

The glass used for construction is mostly green and comes from 7-up bottles, and blue glass comes from milk bottles, there is almost no transparent glass at all. .

The author of the construction site did not have any drills or welding machines. He put steel alone and connected it with rivets, and then hand-crafted with cement.

It was once taken into account its destruction, but ultimately the complex was recognized as significant for art and recognized as a national monument.

In 1994, the monument was partially damaged by an earthquake, then in the years 1995 - 2001 the towers underwent a thorough reconstruction.

The whole property of Rodia is surrounded by a wall, which the architect has done by himself.

Inside the house of Simon Rodia burned down in 1955, a year after Rodia died. The only thing left from the cottage is the front facade, the fireplace and the chimney.

The northern part of the wall contains many fascinating sculptures embedded in the wall, such as unicorns, horses and dolls. Interestingly, the wall is decorated on both sides, external and internal.

The total length of the northern and southern walls is over 300 feet.

Official website: http://www.wattstowers.org

" I meant to do something huge and I did." - Simon Rodia

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14 years ago
Do Olguni: chyba próbuje prowokować, albo nadajesz się do komentowania jak Oleksy do Mister Universum...
14 years ago
Mieszkańcy getta nie maja tu nic do rzeczy, bo ani pomagali ani nie byli życzliwi, teraz rzecz jasna mogą sobie tworzyć jakieś historie... Jest tez błąd w dacie śmierci: ten człowiek żył 10 lat dłużej...opis sugeruje że zmarł w swoim domu, jednak tak nie było, opuscił to miejsce, przekazując działkę miastu.
16 years ago
sztuka w środku getta... mieszkańcy Watts muszą byc dumni ze swej rzeźby
17 years ago
Co to jest?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moja lista nafajniejszych wież: (EGSEKWO)1.World Trade Center,Sears Tower 2.CN Towers 3.Wieża Eiffla 4.Watts Towers
17 years ago
we we kupa złomu nic wiecej co wy mówicie ze to jest ładne to jest do d...
17 years ago
he,he....wtc nic nie przebije...
18 years ago
Pomysł świetny, świadczący o nie lada fantazji i talencie tego samouka(sic!) z Rzymu.Tajemnicza śmierć artysty owiewa wieże aurą niezwykłości. Dla mnie nr 1.
Karolina 15
Karolina 15
18 years ago
nic nowego nie dodam prócz tego,że zgadzam się z opinią Tomka.
20 years ago
Ciekawa budowla, widać, że Autor włożył mnóstwo pracy w jej wykonanie

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