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Stonehenge (Salisbury, England) - megalithic monument of neolithic

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Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Date of build

From 2950 onwards until 1600. p.n.e.

  • Building type: Temple, Observatory
  • Architectural style: Neolithic
  • Material: Stone, gray sandstone, dolerite
  • Height: 4 meters - a single boulder
Stonehenge description and facts:

Stonehenge consists of 30 blocks of external stone and 49 smaller blocks of the inner circle, all are thoroughly polished, using stone devices.

Inside, there are stone avenues in the shape of a large horseshoe and a small horseshoe, the large horseshoe contains the largest, as many as 9 meter trilobites.

In the middle of Stonehenge there is an inverted megalith, the so-called Altar Stone.

The highest stones are 9 meters high, but most are about 4 meters high, 2.5 meters thick and weigh about 25 - 40 tonnes.

Initially, there were only two entries, wide from the north-east and smaller from the south, but over time more gaps and holes were created to pass through.

The way to transport these stones from a 130 km quarry remains a mystery. Probably they were transported with sleds and rollers. According to the latest research, this glacier brought them here from a distance.

56 pits with a depth of 1 m and a diameter of 2 m have been discovered inside the circle. Their targets are unknown, however, they are believed to have been able to accumulate stones or remain after surrounding a wooden structure.

The purpose of building a circle is also unknown, some claim that it served to observe the sky and stars, others say that pagan ritual rituals were held there.

Stonehenge was created in three phases. In the first, a circular shaft was created and only one stone was placed outside. Later 4 more stones came in, then 56 holes were also created.

The second stage, the first stones in the center of the circles, among them the central megalith called the altar. At the end of this phase, an alley of stones leading to the Avon River was built.

In the third phase, the double circle of blue stones is demolished and a few U-shaped trilogues were created inside. In this phase, the most famous part of Stonehenge - circle with lintels.

Stonehenge is located 51 degrees and 11 minutes north.

In 1986, the building was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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"You can ask a hundred questions to these rough-hewn giants as they lean over and look at their fallen comrades." - Henry James


The site is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Date of inscription: 1986       Ref: 373bis

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17 years ago
to dziwne ale nigdy nie czulam tak miejsca jak tam . cos jakby ciezkie powietrze.od tej budowli zaczelam zwiedzac wszystko co sie da
17 years ago
Ciekawe jak oni to zrobili??????/
17 years ago
nic nie trzeba mówić jest po prostu piękne
18 years ago
Byłem, widziałem, niesamowite!!!

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