Skylon Tower
Niagara Falls, Canada

Skylon Tower at Niagara Falls (Canada) - 160 m tower

Where is located Skylon Tower?

Address of Skylon Tower is 5200 Robinson Street, Niagara Falls, Canada L2G 2A3
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When was built Skylon Tower?

Built date of Skylon Tower is May 1964 - start of construction
October 6, 1965 - opening of the tower

Skylon Tower

Facts, informations and history of Skylon Tower

The tower is divided into seven parts (from above):
1. Observation deck - there is a souvenir shop here.
2. Apartments, recreation rooms, buffet.
3. A rotating dome with a restaurant.
4. Three glazed elevators, and two staircases with 662 steps each.
5. Shopping center, place of special celebrations and art exhibitions.
6. Main level, checkout, dinner reservations, exchange office, boutique, restaurant.
7. The lowest levels, administrative offices, toilets, almost 5,500 m² exhibition and recreation space.

The Skylon Tower is located just above the Niagara Falls. On some days, night shows here illuminate lights of different colors. In the period from November 18, 2000 to January 11, 2001, about 5,000 bulbs were used in such illumination, and 54,50 watts of energy were used.

The construction of foundations began at a height of 15 meters below ground level. The cement was pumped to the top continuously for 38 days, while the mold was raised and squeezed forming a narrowed trunk, then the cement was distributed in large wheelbarrows by finishing people. The tower is also stiffened with reinforced steel rods.

Extensive wind resistance tests were conducted at the University of Toronto. Engineers there concluded that a slim shape would be the most effective way to counter wind up to 91 mph. Skylon Tower was the first construction in the world using this form.

One of the biggest challenges for engineers was the construction and placement of the dome. The form of the dome was raised by a system of hydraulic levers and cables to the top of the tower. As soon as the cement was poured in and concentrated, the round dome was lowered to the ground.

Three super-fast elevators called "Yellow Bugs", are painted yellow and have windows that look like insect eyes. The journey to the top of the tower takes 52 seconds. Each elevator can accommodate up to 30 people, or up to 5,000 pounds. Unlike other buildings where the elevators are on each side, the Skylon Tower lifts are only on the back of the tower. Special equipment is used to prevent cables tangling due to wind, and to ensure that ice and snow do not hinder the effectiveness of lifts.

Dimensions of the tower: diameter of the core at the base - 22.1 m, diameter of the shaft at the top - 10.2 m, diameter of the dome - 33.2 m, length of the building on the basis - 123.2 m Weight of cement used for the tower - 21 772 800 kilograms, weight of cement used on the base of the tower - 5 987 520 kilograms. Glass thickness: in the observation tower - 3/8 inch, on the lower floors - half an inch.

On a clear day, visibility from the observation deck reaches 129 kilometers.

At the top of the tower, there are: a police department, radio stations and joint-stock companies.

How many meters have Skylon Tower?

Height of Skylon Tower is 160 meters (520 feet)
223 meters (732 ft) above the base of the waterfall

how many meters have Skylon TowerScale

Construction/building type

Building Skylon Tower is of type Observation Tower

Architectural style

Architectural style of Skylon Tower is Modern

Modern architectural style is a style characterised primarily by simple and regular forms, a lack of ornamentation and the use of modern building materials. It is significantly different from other architectural styles, such as Baroque, Gothic or Renaissance, where more complex forms and rich ornamentation predominated. ... czytaj więcej.

Other dimensions, parameters and frequently asked questions

Skylon Tower

What area have Skylon Tower?

Skylon Tower have area of 58 864 m²

What material is the building made of?

Skylon Tower is made of the following materials: Concrete, steel

Official website

The official website of the building, where up-to-date information can be found, is

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18 years ago
CN Towers,Skylon towers,wszystko ja ta w Hamburgu. A te talerze(TARASY WIDOKOWE)
18 years ago
hujowe to jest hahahah
18 years ago
Wczoraj bylem obok. Wydawala sie duzo wyzsza(ze 300m)a tu patrze 160m
19 years ago
widok jest super i do tego restauracja w srodku sie obraca :)
19 years ago
bylem tam fajny widok na niagare
19 years ago
To jest niesamowite .. Polecam wszystkim :D Najlepsze w tym wszystkich to widok na Niagare ;)
19 years ago
Na pewno musi byc fajmy widok nie bylem i nie wiem czy bede :) to dla bogatych :) ale moze kiedys hahaha
Karolina 15
Karolina 15
19 years ago
Zajebisty widok musi być z niej...
19 years ago
ja bylam nad Niagara Falls ta jest codownie polecam wszystkim zeby tam pojehcac to jest niesamowite ladnie tez wyglada wodospad Niagara noca gdy go podswietlaja na rozne koloty ten sdzum wody spadajacyna skaly z duza pretkoscia to nieamowite polecam kazdemu z was.
20 years ago
niesamowita budowla, widok z niej tez niesamowity, wprost na wodospad i okolice. na dole duze centrum rozrywki;] sa goscie od efektow specjalnych wykorzystywanych w filmach i za niewielka oplata mozna sobie polatac na magicznym dywanie nad Niagara, wszystko za pomoca komputera i kamery;] na 1 pietrze pod ziemia znajduje sie wielkie centrum gier, duzo konsol i roznego rodzaju sprzetu do pogrania, raj dla graczy ;D

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