Shun Hing Square
Shenzhen, China

Shun Hing Square in Shenzhen (China) - the tallest steel building in China

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5002 Shen Nan Road East, Shenzhen, China

Date of build

1993 - 1996

  • Other building names: Di Wang Commercial Building
  • Building types: Skyscraper, Office building
  • Architectural styles: Modern
  • Material: Steel, concrete
  • Cost: 1 911 925 000 dollars
  • Height: 325.1 m - to the top of the roof
    how many meters have Shun Hing SquareScale
  • Area: 273,349 m²
  • Architect: K. Y. Cheung Design Associates
Shun Hing Square description and facts:

Shun Hing is a complex containing a 69-story office building and a 35-storey residential building adjacent to it. The most popular building in Shenzhen has 69 floors and is served by 34 lifts.

The highest steel building in China, the tallest building in the great metropolis of Hong Kong, the ninth of the tallest buildings in the world.

In 1997, before the construction of Citic Plaza, Shun Hing Square was for the moment the tallest building in China and Asia.

The tower contains office rooms, 332 luxury apartments reaching the price of 65,000. dollars per month, car park and shopping complex.

Offices have an area of ​​127 m² to the whole floor (2161 sq m).

Apartment areas range from 68 to 200 sq m. Each of them is equipped with specially designed furniture, security cameras, 24 hour patrol and service.

The shopping mall is a 5-floor passage with elevators for 5 people, technical lifts, 4 sets of escalators. Its total area is 22013 m².

On the 69th floor there is an observation deck called "Meridian View Cantre".

There are 34 "Mitsubishi" high-speed lifts and 2 service lifts in the building.

The building was constructed at an amazing rate, reaching the speed of the 4th floor in 9 days.

The tower is a thin construction with rounded glass plates. Aluminum and glass cover a large area. Two towers at the top of the building hide window cleaning equipment and support two masts of the tower.

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