Shanghai Tower
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Tower (China) - second tallest building in the world

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501 Middle Yincheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Date of build

November 29, 2008 - construction starts
September 2015 - completion of construction

  • Other building names: Shanghai Center
  • Building types: Skyscraper, Office building
  • Architectural styles: Postmodernism
  • Material: Reinforced concrete, steel
  • Cost: 2,4 billion dollars
  • Height: 632 meters
    583,4 meters - the highest inhabited floor
    562,1 meters - observatory
    how many meters have Shanghai TowerScale
  • Area: 377 300 m² - usable area
  • Architect: Gensler
Shanghai Tower description and facts:

With a height of 632 meters & nbsp; Shanghai Tower is China's tallest building and the second tallest building in the world, giving way to only 828 meters Burj Khalifa & nbsp; in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Shanghai Tower is the third tower in the characteristic heart of the new financial and commercial zone & nbsp; Lujiazui in Shanghai. Together with & nbsp; Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center, it rises high above the horizon line, and its curved facade and spiral form symbolize the dynamic development of modern China .

Winding, twisted by 120 °, the form of the building goes beyond understanding the unique appearance. The building has been designed to reduce air resistance. Wind tunnel tests confirm 24% savings in structural wind load compared to a rectangular building with the same height.

The building consists of 9 overlapping cylindrical buildings surrounded by a double façade. The first facade directly in contact with the body of the building and the second, external facade, & nbsp; separated by nine atriums.

The façade consists of 20,000 glass panels, including over 7,000 with unique & nbsp; shapes. Thanks to the spiral construction, the amount of building materials needed has been reduced by 25% compared to the constructional steel needed for the construction of a conventional & nbsp; construction of similar height. This saved about 58 million dollars in material costs.

A ventilated atrium, which surrounds the main body, has the function of saving energy. The space acts as a buffer between the interior and exterior, heating the cool outside air in winter and draining heat from the interior in the summer. The tower also has a trigeneration system, using a rainwater system and several other renewable energy sources.

Shanghai Tower is one of the most sustainable high-rise buildings in the world. He is applying for certificates from the China Green Building Committee and the U.S. Green Building Council.

The tower consists of 128 above-ground floors and 5 underground floors. On these floors, guests are transported by 106 Mitsubishi elevators traveling at speeds of up to 20.5 m / s (74 km / h).

In addition to the 5-star hotel, there are numerous restaurants, shops, offices and recreational areas in the building. There is also a museum & nbsp; and connection to the metro station. & Nbsp; The building can accommodate 18,000 people at a time.

For guests of this world's highest hotel there are 258 rooms available, while the car park has 1794 parking spaces.

Inside there are nine vertical zones rising to the sky. Each of them is filled with light garden atrium and creates diverse attractions for tenants and guests. These spaces are reminiscent of historical, open courtyards of the city, which connect interiors with external elements of the landscape.

At an altitude of 562 meters (floor 121) there is an observation deck, it is the highest located inner observation deck in the world. As a reminder, in Burj Khalifa, which is several hundred meters higher, the observation deck is located 555 meters high, which is less than a few meters away.

On the 124th floor, i.e. at 570 meters, & nbsp; 270 wind generators have been installed, making them the highest & nbsp; wind generator in the world.

The initial design of the building was 580 meters high, but later the design was changed, increasing the height to the current 632 meters.

Official website:

"With the topping out of Shanghai Tower, the Lujiazui trio will serve as a stunning representation of our past, our present and China’s boundless future." - Gu Jianping, general manager of the Shanghai Tower Construction Company

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Redakcja []
4 years ago
Byłem zarówno na tarasie widokowym Shanghai Tower jak i na Shanghai World Financial Center. Który lepszy, hm.. kwesti agustu. Z ST widać ładnie otwieracz, zaś z SWFC widać kawałek Shanghai Tower :) Z obu ładnie wygląda Bund. Sam wjazd bardzo spokojny, mało ludzi i bez kolejki praktycznie, koszt ok. 100 pln. Metro też ma blisko stację. Tylko trzeba trafić z pogodą, bo jak jest smog, to mało co widać, no a z kolei jak jest ładna pogoda, to dużo ludzi jest i okna pozajmowane ;) Duże wrażenie robi cała trójka, jak się stoi na środku pomiędzy nimi i patrzy w górę :D
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