Pyramid in Rapa

Pyramid in Rapa - an unusual tomb of the Farenheit family in Masuria

Where is located Pyramid in Rapa?

Address of Pyramid in Rapa is Rapa (near Bań Mazurskie - near the border with Russia), Masuria, Poland
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When was built Pyramid in Rapa?

Built date of Pyramid in Rapa is 1811

Pyramid in Rapa

Facts, informations and history of Pyramid in Rapa

This family tomb of the Prussian baron family von Fahrenheid is located in the village of Rapa. The bodies of the Farenheit family members who were placed in the tomb had indeed succumbed to mummification despite the surroundings of the very humid terrain.

The building is built in the shape of a Cheops pyramid. Its base is in the shape of a square with dimensions of 10.4 x 10.4 meters.

The angle of inclination of the external walls was 68-70 ° (internal 51 ° 52 '- an inclination angle identical to that of the Egyptian pyramids, thanks to which the best conditions for mummification of bodies).

The purpose of building a pyramid tomb was to create conditions conducive to the mummification of the body of a small 3-year-old girl who died prematurely due to scarlet fever.

The object was entered in the list of monuments at the end of the 20th century. Its interior was ordered, placing the coffins and placing the bodies in them on a flat surface, and the open entrance was bricked up.

Currently, the building has three vents, and the coffins are closed and can only be seen through barred windows.

Unfortunately, during the war, both in 1914-1915, as well as in 1945, this tomb was drastically devastated by the Russians, the coffins with their bodies were broken and it was in this state it is still today.

Due to the terrible condition after the devastation (the building threatens to collapse) and its uniqueness, this building is to be restored in a short time.

In November 2018, the renovation lasted for 4 months. During the financed from the Forest Fund and costing 890 thousand PLN renovation external walls were cleaned and refurbished, a brick cornice was made, the roof covering was repaired, the cause of the deviation from the vertical was checked and the interior was renovated to restore its former appearance.

Architect of Pyramid in Rapa

Architect of Pyramid in Rapa is Bertel Thorvaldsen

How many meters have Pyramid in Rapa?

Height of Pyramid in Rapa is 15.9 meters

how many meters have Pyramid in RapaScale

Construction/building type

Building Pyramid in Rapa is of type Tomb, Pyramid

Architectural style

Architectural style of Pyramid in Rapa is Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian architectural style was specific to Egypt between 3150 BC and 395 AD and was uniquely characteristic of the country and its culture. Egyptian architecture was inspired by the landscape and climatic conditions of the region and by the ever-growing needs of the society. ... czytaj więcej.

What material is the building made of?

Pyramid in Rapa is made of the following materials: brick, fieldstone

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Z jednej strony fajnie, że to odnowili, ale z drugiej strony, to widziałem na internecie i średnio to wygląda, już nie przypomina pierwotnego wyglądu wg mnie.

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