One World Trade Center
New York, United States

One World Trade Center in New York (USA) - skyscraper in place of destroyed WTC Towers

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285 Fulton Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States 10007

Date of build

27 April 2006 - start of construction
July 2013 - completion of construction
May 29, 2015 - opening

  • Other building names: 1 World Trade Center, 1WTC, wcześniej: Freedom Tower, Wieża Wolności, Światowe Centrum Handlu
  • Building type: Skyscraper, Office building
  • Architectural style: Modernism
  • Material: steel, glass
  • Cost: 3.9 billion dollars
  • Height: 541.3 m high
    417 m high to the top of the roof
    how many meters have One World Trade CenterScale
  • Area: 241,548 m² - usable area
  • Architect: Daniel Libeskind, David Childs Daniel Libeskind David Childs
One World Trade Center description and facts:
One World Trade Center is one of four New York skyscrapers in the newly created complex in place of the towers destroyed in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 Worldwide Trade Center .

It has a height of 541 meters, making it the sixth-tallest building in the world. It is the tallest building in the western hemisphere, although it is often said that if you did not count the 124-meter spire, it would overtake it by Chicago Willis Tower . The height of 1776 feet is not accidental, it corresponds to the year of signing the United States Declaration of Independence.

Construction of the complex began in April 2006, and its last element was installed seven years later (in 2013).

45 thousand tons of structural steel and over 200,000 tons were used for construction cubic meters of concrete. The outer surface is covered with 13,000 glass panels.

The building will have a total of 105 floors and 240,000 square meters of office space.

The viewing terrace was opened in 2015, it was designed for destroyed towers. The deck begins at an altitude of 1362 feet, while the glass sill is at an altitude of 1368 feet, exactly the height of the south and north towers destroyed in the attack.

You can travel to levels 100-102 with an observation deck that can be covered by elevators, they only need 47 seconds to reach the top.

The building was created in cooperation with Daniel Libeskind, David Childs and architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The design of the 104-storey glass tower rises from the cube-shaped base, then from the height of the 20th floor goes into 8 elegant triangles.

Designers have done their homework when it comes to building security. Taught by the problems of the previous "Two Towers" created the "safest office building in the world", or so they define it. One of the unique 1WTC construction elements is high strength concrete, it can withstand up to seven times higher pressure than standard concrete. Steel rebar posts are much longer than traditional ones. These materials, as well as increased fire resistance and more numerous evacuation cages, mean that the safety requirements of the city are significantly exceeded.

The building is also ecological. Over 40% of recycled materials were used for its construction, additionally energy will be generated by the building itself. Rainwater will be collected to care for vegetation, as well as for cooling the building and filling the monument - a fountain. The building has been designed so that 90% of office rooms receive natural light, thereby reducing the demand for electricity.

The complex will include a total of 7 buildings, among others three more skyscrapers: 2 World Trade Center with a planned height of 389 meters, the third with a height of 358 meters and a fourth with a height of 294 meters.

Between the skyscrapers there is a museum 9/11 containing photos, videos and various artifacts from the original WTC towers.

The shopping center located under the complex offers a shopping area of ​​55 thousand square meters. The World Trade Center Transit Hub, located here by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, will enable connection with 11 metro lines, lines of suburban trains, as well as underground access to the ferry terminal on the Hudson River.

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5 years ago
Byłem i widziałem :) Robi wrażenie, fajne są te fontanny przed wieżowcem upamiętniające zniszczone wieże, one chyba stoją w miejscu tych starych wież, tak?

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