New River Gorge Bridge
Fayetteville, United States

New River Gorge Bridge (USA) - longest arch bridge in United States

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Fayetteville, West Virginia, USA

Date of build

June 1974 - October 22, 1978

  • Building type: Arch bridge
  • Material: Steel, concrete
  • Cost: 37 million dollars
  • Length: 924 meters
    518 meters - the length of the arch
  • Architect: Michael Baker Company, West Virginia Department of Highways
New River Gorge Bridge description and facts:
The bridge weighs 88 million pounds, half of which is steel and concrete.

Every year on the third Saturday in October the bridge is completely open to pedestrians, on this day over a quarter of a million people come here to watch various attractions. One of the biggest attractions is the possibility of jumping on Bungee or with a parachute.

Thanks to the construction of this bridge it was possible to cross the river in less than one minute. Before building the bridge, you had to go 40 miles down the river to reach the other shore, to the nearest bridge, which took about 40 minutes.

New River Gorge is the longest arched steel bridge in the world. It is also the second highest bridges in the United States, just after the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Construction was very complicated, four 90-meter towers were built first, then the helicopter pulled 1.5 kilometers of half-inch cable between the towers, then thicker cables were thrown until the cable was so thick that it was possible to slowly move the steel on it.

To avoid trouble in the position of the last - middle element, the arcs on both sides of the edge were slightly raised, and when connected to the last element, they were lowered. Now all you have to do is place the trusses, the road and the pavement.

The width of the bridge is approximately 21 meters, each element has been made with a 1/100 inch tolerance, and the heaviest one weighs 184,000 pounds.

Before the current shape of the bridge was decided, three other proposals were rejected, the first proposed to put up a continuous lattice bridge, was rejected due to too large support piles, which height had to be to be several hundred meters. The second assumed the construction of a suspension bridge, rejected due to too high execution costs. The third project proposed the construction of a penknife-shaped bridge, but it was rejected because of too much concrete needed to stabilize the structure.

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adi LPU
adi LPU
13 years ago
15 years ago
asder frutr :->
15 years ago
Jest naprawde wspaniały
16 years ago
z takiego to mozna sobie niezle na bungee poskakac :O jestem pod wrazeniem!
16 years ago
mam filmy jak skacza z niego na base jumping cos pieknego
Karolina 15
Karolina 15
17 years ago
Jest naprawdę śliczny,no przynajmniej mi się podoba.Wy mówcie co chcecie ;->
Karolina 15
Karolina 15
17 years ago
Jest naprawdę śliczny,no przynajmniej mi się podoba.Wy mówcie co chcecie ;->
17 years ago
Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla!!!
A kogo to obchodzi!!!!!!! :-)
A kogo to obchodzi!!!!!!! :-)
17 years ago
Fajny mostek!!!

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