Millennium Dome
London, United Kingdom

Millennium Dome in London (United Kingdom) - O2 Arena with the largest roof in the world

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Blackwall Peninsula, North Greenwich, London, England

Date of build

1997 - 1999
December 31, 1999 - opening of the dome

  • Other building names: O2 Arena
  • Building types: Dome, Museum
  • Architectural styles: Contemporary
  • Material: Glass fiber PTFE, steel
  • Cost: 758 million pounds
  • Height: 50 meters (to the top of the dome)
    100 m (up to the highest point of construction)
    how many meters have Millennium DomeScale
  • Area: 20 acres
  • Architect: Richard Rogers Partnership
Millennium Dome description and facts:

The dome construction project was born when the place of the national exhibition was to be chosen, the local Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the best solution would be to build something new, something futuristic.

Construction project from the beginning aroused controversy, some liked, but the majority of Londoners did not like it and did not see in it the future symbol of the city.

Due to the high entrance fees, the dome did not attract as many guests as originally anticipated. Even each of the separate segments sponsored by larger corporations had a serious budget deficit.

Every year, 12 to 17 million visitors are expected here, but in reality there are far fewer people here. Defenders of the dome say that it brought fame to the sites along the Thames. They also claim that the building has given work to over 2,000 people. They believe that we still have to wait a few years to see if the building will bring the expected long-term profits, whether it will become a symbol of the city or will disappear from memory.

The construction has 1 km of circumference, 320 meters in diameter and twelve steel masts 100 meters high, which are held in place for more than 70 km of durable cables.

The largest dome in the world, 365 meters wide at the widest point.

The dome is characterized by such exhibits as a walk through the human body or a huge model of a beating heart.

In May 2000, the building received £ 29 million from the state lottery to continue operations. In September of the same year, he received 49 million pounds.

Roofing material is designed to withstand 25 years.

The building is one of 200 English projects created to celebrate the new millennium.

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marcin z
marcin z
15 years ago
a ja tu pracoje i jest spoko
15 years ago
Ostatnio wyczytałem, że ten budynek miał być tylko jednoroczną tymczasową konstrukcją. Nawet w 2000 roku już wyburzyli jego większą część, a to co widzimy dzisiaj, to tylko pozostałości ?!
16 years ago
niom ja niestety tez mam z tego raport do napisania...a temat jak z kosmosu...pomocy to juz na jutro... ehhh
16 years ago
Nom ja mam z tego prace domową ! :( A ile kosztuje bilet? Na polskie zł.??
18 years ago
Jakich materiałoów użyto do przekrycia??
18 years ago
a moze przydal bys sie alpinista do tego budynku:)pozdro
18 years ago
Fajny budyneczek. Chyba najciekawszy w angli. Cała anglia wydaje sie jakaś przestarzała :P Dzieki wam mam prace na angol :D
19 years ago
Bajerancki, ale cena za bilet do bani.....

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