Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam - dam on river Parana - second of the biggest hydroelectric power plant on the world

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Brazil and Paraguay

Date of build

1979 - start of construction
October 13, 1982 - opening
1991 - completion of works

  • Building type: Dam, Hydroelectric power plant
  • Material: Steel, concrete
  • Cost: 18 billion dollars
  • Length: 7.7 km
  • Architect: International Engineering Company, Itaipu Binacional
Itaipu Dam description and facts:

The dam is located on the Parana River, separating Brazil and Paraguay.

The concrete dam is 4.8 miles long (almost 8 km) and 225 meters high, which is 75 stories. The river has 400 m wide and 60 m deep here.

During the construction of the dam in the rock, a two-kilometer long channel, 150 meters wide, was created so that the river could flow through it. The construction of the dam consumed 50 million tons of land and rocks, 8.8 m³ of concrete, which would be enough to build 8 medium-sized cities and use as much iron and steel, which would be enough for construction 380 Eiffel Tower .

Power plant generators are the largest in the world, the power of each of 30 power plants is estimated at 700,000 kilowatts, which gives a total sum of 25,000 MW. This figure does not take into account the power of the Itaipu large power plant, amounting to 12,600 MW (it is the world's largest power of a single power plant). The fact is that power plants supply Brazil with 25% of energy, and Paraguay with 78% of energy.

The dam created a 1350 km lake.

Tama and the lake attract 700,000 people annually, which gives a total of 9 million visitors from 162 countries around the world, from the date of completion.

The American Civil Engineers Association has recognized the Itaipu dam as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World".

A separate housing estate, consisting of 500 blocks, 4 hospitals, schools for 16,000 children, cinemas and restaurants, was built especially for 37,000 workers.

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