George Washington Bridge
New York, United States

George Washington Bridge (USA) - the bridge connecting New York with New Jersey

Where is located George Washington Bridge?

Address of George Washington Bridge is New York and New Jersey, New York, USA
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When was built George Washington Bridge?

Built date of George Washington Bridge is October 25, 1940
August 29, 1962 - opening of the second deck

George Washington Bridge

Facts, informations and history of George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge, also known as the George Washington Bridge, is a majestic structure connecting New York with New Jersey. Its construction was the result of many years of dreams of engineers, just like in the case of the famous Akashi Kaikyō Bridge in Japan. For almost a hundred years, designers and constructors have struggled with technical difficulties that made it difficult to create such an impressive combination.


The birth of the concept

In the 1920s, the need for a permanent connection between New York and New Jersey became urgent. Residents of both cities dreamed of a convenient, fast and reliable way to travel between their workplaces and homes. The ferries that operated at that time were slow and often subject to the vagaries of weather, making daily journeys arduous.

The solution to this problem was to be a bridge. The official design of the bridge appeared on the drawing boards of Swiss engineer Othmar H. Amann, who was appointed chief engineer. Architect Cass Gilbert joined the team, giving the bridge a unique character. Construction began in 1925 and lasted six years, full of challenges and sacrifices.


Construction challenges and bridge opening

Like the construction of the Golden Gate or Manhattan Bridge, workers building the George Washington Bridge had no access for advanced security. The altitudes at which they worked and unpredictable weather conditions made the work extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, there were also victims.

Despite these difficulties, on October 25, 1931, the bridge was officially opened. It was named after George Washington in honor of the first president of the United States. At the time of its opening, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a span exceeding one kilometer in length. This amazing feat of engineering has become a symbol of modernity and technological progress.


Extension and contemporary challenges

Second deck and increased capacity

In the late 1950s, the rapidly increasing number of vehicles made the capacity of the George Washington Bridge insufficient. Instead of building a new bridge, the decision was made to add a second deck, placed under the existing one. This additional structure opened on August 29, 1962, significantly increasing the number of vehicles that could use the bridge.

Thanks to this expansion, even today, even though almost 300,000 cars cross the bridge every day, traffic jams have been reduced to a minimum. The George Washington Bridge has become one of the most important communication points in the region, enabling the free flow of people and goods between the two states every day.


Construction and durability

The George Washington Bridge is a structure that impresses with its solidity and well-thought-out design. The massive, steel truss deck hangs on four powerful supporting ropes that ensure stability and safety. The bridge towers, measuring 194 meters high, are also made in openwork form, which adds lightness and elegance to them.

Under one of the pylons, on the New Jersey side, the largest American flag in the world flies proudly. It is a symbol of patriotism and national pride, which gives the bridge a unique character. There is also a bus stop number 4211 on the bridge, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport.


The importance of the George Washington Bridge

Symbol of progress and technology

The George Washington Bridge is not just an ordinary structure connecting the two banks of the Hudson River. It is a symbol of technological and engineering progress that shows how far humanity has come in its ability to create large and complex structures. Its construction and subsequent expansion are proof that people can overcome even the greatest challenges to achieve their goals.


Impact on everyday life

For residents of New York and New Jersey, the George Washington Bridge is an integral part of everyday life. It has made daily commuting to work much easier and faster. Previously, traveling by ferry was not only time-consuming, but also exposed to the vagaries of the weather. The bridge allows for the free movement of people and goods, which has a huge impact on the region's economy.


Tourist attraction

The George Washington Bridge also attracts tourists from all over the world. Its impressive size and majestic structure make it one of the most recognizable places in the United States. Tourists come to admire the view ki, take photos and learn more about its fascinating history.


Interesting facts about the George Washington Bridge

American flag

One of the most characteristic elements of the George Washington Bridge is the huge American flag that hangs majestically under the pylon on the New Jersey side. It is the largest flag of its type in the world and symbolizes patriotism and national pride. The flag is flown on special occasions such as Independence Day and Veterans Day, which adds even more significance to the bridge.


Records and distinctions

When it opened, the George Washington Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Its span was over one kilometer long, an incredible engineering achievement for its time. Even today, although many other bridges have been built, the George Washington Bridge still remains one of the most important and recognizable bridges in the world.


Bus stop

There is also a bus stop no. 4211 on the bridge, which is an important point in the public transport network. Thanks to this, passengers can easily use the bridge, not only by driving their own car, but also by public transport. This makes the bridge even more accessible and user-friendly for all users.



The George Washington Bridge is an extraordinary structure that plays a key role in the lives of the people of New York and New Jersey. His story, full of challenges and triumphs, is a testament to human determination and the ability to overcome obstacles. Thanks to its solid construction and thoughtful design, this bridge has been serving people for almost a century, enabling the free flow of people and goods between the two states.

Today, the George Washington Bridge not only serves a practical purpose, but is also a symbol of technological and engineering progress. It attracts tourists from all over the world who want to admire its impressive size and learn more about its fascinating history. The George Washington Bridge is a true architectural and engineering treasure that will serve future generations for many years to come.

Architect of George Washington Bridge

Architect of George Washington Bridge is Cass Gilbert, Othmar H. Amann

Construction/building type

Building George Washington Bridge is of type Suspension bridge

A suspension bridge is a type of bridge structure in which the main load-bearing element is ropes or chains attached to supports and supporting the girders or deck. It is a popular type of bridge, used worldwide for its efficiency and strength. Here is some information about suspension bridges, their precursors and the most famous structures of this type.... czytaj więcej.

Architectural style

Architectural style of George Washington Bridge is Modern

Modern architectural style is a style characterised primarily by simple and regular forms, a lack of ornamentation and the use of modern building materials. It is significantly different from other architectural styles, such as Baroque, Gothic or Renaissance, where more complex forms and rich ornamentation predominated. ... czytaj więcej.

Other dimensions, parameters and frequently asked questions

George Washington Bridge

How many meters have George Washington Bridge?

George Washington Bridge have length 1,450.84 m - the entire bridge
10 676,8 m - single span

What material is the building made of?

George Washington Bridge is made of the following materials: steel


Build cost of George Washington Bridge is $ 31 million

Other names

The building is also known by other common names or in the original language, i.e. George Washington Bridge, Most im. Jerzego Waszyngtona

Official website

The official website of the building, where up-to-date information can be found, is

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20 years ago
Witam. Przęsło jest dłuższe 7 razy od mostu? Aż dziw ,że któreś ze zdjęć się otworzyło, bo inne budowle niestety nie. Pozdrawiam, jerry.
Piotr Talik
Piotr Talik
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Podziękowania dla Krzyśka za znalezienie błędu w opisie

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