George Washington Bridge
New York, United States

George Washington Bridge (USA) - the bridge connecting New York with New Jersey

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New York and New Jersey, New York, USA

Date of build

October 25, 1940
August 29, 1962 - opening of the second deck

  • Other building names: George Washington Bridge, Most im. Jerzego Waszyngtona
  • Building types: Suspension bridge
  • Architectural styles: Modern
  • Material: steel
  • Cost: $ 31 million
  • Length: 1,450.84 m - the entire bridge
    10 676,8 m - single span
  • Architect: Cass Gilbert, Othmar H. Amann
George Washington Bridge description and facts:
George Washington's name bridge connects New York with New Jersey.

As with Akashi Kaykio, the construction of this bridge was an unattainable dream for engineers for almost 100 years. This problem grew in the 1920s. People always wanted to work in the city center, but live outside of it. However, the use of slow ferries when traveling to work was cumbersome. People began to demand a permanent connection.

The official design of the bridge was made on the drawing board of the Swiss engineer Othmar H. Amann. Cass Gilbert was the architect, and Amanna was appointed chief engineer.

Construction began in 1925 and lasted 6 years.

Similarly as during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge or Manhattan Bridge, there was no security for workers. Therefore, it was not without sacrifices.

The bridge was opened on October 25, 1931. During the opening ceremony, it was given the name of George Washington. It immediately became the longest suspension bridge in the world and the first in history, whose span was longer than 1 km.

At the end of the 1950s, the capacity of the Washington Bridge was insufficient. Instead of building a new bridge, a second deck placed under the first was created. The opening took place on August 29, 1962. Since then, kilometer-long traffic jams have ceased to exist, despite the fact that nearly 300,000 cars use the bridge daily.

How many American constructions from those years The George Washington Bridge has a great store of endurance. A massive, steel, truss bridge hangs on 4 ropes. Towers with a height of 194 m are also openwork.

Under the pylon from the New Jersey, the world's largest American flag is majestic. There is bus stop 4211 on the bridge.

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19 years ago
Witam. Przęsło jest dłuższe 7 razy od mostu? Aż dziw ,że któreś ze zdjęć się otworzyło, bo inne budowle niestety nie. Pozdrawiam, jerry.
Piotr Talik
Piotr Talik
19 years ago
Podziękowania dla Krzyśka za znalezienie błędu w opisie

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