Centre Georges Pompidou
Paris, France

Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (France) - largest museum for modern art in Europe

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Beaubourg, Paris, France

Date of build

1971 - 1977

  • Other building names: Centre Georges Pompidou, Centre Beaubourg
  • Building type: Musuem of Modern Art
  • Architectural style: Modern
  • Material: High quality steel and glass
  • Cost: Over $ 100,000,000
  • Architect: Richard RogersRenzo Piano
Centre Georges Pompidou description and facts:

The heating cables, water pipes, electrical cables and air conditioning ducts have been placed outside. Thanks to that, more space was available inside.

Inside this Center of Culture and Art there is a museum of modern art, a library, theaters, concert halls, a cinema hall, a showroom, a library, a music and acoustic renovation center , shops, restaurants, children's play areas and parking lot.

Moving stairs and corridors have been placed in transparent tunnels, allowing you to enjoy the views, and depict artists on the square.

Right after opening in 1977, the Center attracted 45,000 visitors every day and soon became the main attraction of Paris, even bigger than the Eiffel Tower.

The whole building looks like a big toy, made up of various elements of various colors. The main pillars and supporting structure of the building are white, air-conditioning system - sky blue, water pipes - green, elevators - red, and electrical devices - yellow.

Address: Place Georges Pompendeau, phone: 01-44-78-12-33.

Official website: https://www.centrepompidou.fr/en

" Technology can not be an end in itself but it must strive to solve long-term social and environmental problems. " - Richard Rogers

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17 years ago
bardziej mam ochote skomentowac kolege jasia ktory moim zdaniem jest poprostu "glupkiem" przepraszam za wyrazenie ale nie moglam sie powstrzymac jak mozna Centrum Pompidou skomentowac w ten sposob koles jestes prostak poczytaj sobie cos na temat architektury high-tech ! dla mnie budynek jest bomba ! przeciez nie mozemy ciagle projektowac domkow z ladnym czerownym daszkiem pa !
17 years ago
Po co komus bylo cos takiego wybudowac? Architektowi brakowalo troche pomyslu.
17 years ago
ogólnie wtapia się w dzielnicę, ale nie pasi do całego klimatu Paryża
18 years ago
budynek jest świetny choć osobiście go niewidziałem dlatego proszę o więcej zdjęć... zazdroszcze arichitektom odwagi...

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Wojciech Andruszkiewicz
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