Point Lookout Lighthouse

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Scotland-Maryland (MD)

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From cheslights.org:

The Point Lookout Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Potomac River at the Bay and was originally constructed in 1830 as a one-and-a-half story wooden and masonry building. The lighthouse was of little importance to navigation since the lantern was only 24 feet off the ground. It was rebuilt as the two-story present structure in 1883 with the light at 40 feet. A fog bell tower was built in 1872 and upgraded in 1889.

In 1951 the US Navy purchased land near the light. The US Coast Guard gave the US Navy the lighthouse in 1966 upon deactivation. The lighthouse had been active for more than 135 years. Currently the lighthouse is surrounded by chain link fence. It is open to the public only one day a year on the first Saturday in November.

In the summer of 2002, the state of Maryland obtained ownership of the lighthouse. A huge restoration project has been started, with plans that include turning the Point Lookout Lighthouse into a museum for the public to view. No date is available for completion on this project.

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