Château Zhang-Laffitte... in China!

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After touring one of the finest examples of seventeenth-century French architecture, the Château Maison-Laffitte, right outside Paris, Chinese real estate mogul Zhang Yuchen wanted one just like it back home. Three years and $300 million later, the manse has been painstakingly reproduced on the outskirts of Beijing. Zhang Laffitte, as it's called, replicates the original to the last particular, from the sculptures to the magnificent gardens.

A multi-million dollar replica of France's historic Château Maison-Laffitte, the Zhang Laffitte is a luxury hotel, spa and wine museum in one.

Castle Laffitte is a French, noble castle-style high standard business hotel. The hotel is surrounded by a river, green trees and grape-vines. There are two annex buildings that are Fontainebleau style classic buildings. The garden is huge and is decorated with different statues and columns in Greek and Roman styles..

The hall of the main building is 1,200 square meters and is suitable for celebrations, gatherings and exhibitions. The hotel has a Chinese Restaurant and a French Restaurant. The Superior VIP rooms provide a safe, comfortable and quiet environment.

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